About me

I live in Utrecht with my girlfriend and our son (2011) and daughter (2016). We like to go sailing in Zeeland with our classic English 1974 Westerly (the green thing below).

All my life I feel connected to water; I was born and raised in Harlingen, practically in the Waddenzee (north of The Netherlands). I loved growing up by the seaside and going sailing to one of the islands about every weekend.

Passion project

Most developers have a 'passion project'; mine is a niche social platform for anglers, called Vangstenregistratie.nl. Founded during college, this is an online community that let's anglers log and share their catches. The collective data is, combined with other data, used for environmental research studies. Researchers look for changes in the distribution of species and try to match this with certain environmentel events or trends, like changing water quality, water pollution, changes in water maintenance policies and the creation or removal of migration barriers.

In 2019 I added a feature to the app that automatically recognizes the species from a picture. This uses the Azure Custom Vision service from Microsoft and in september 2019 I presented this "real world AI case" on Global AI Night, a worldwide Artificial Intelligence event hosted by Microsoft NL.

Global AI Night Microsoft

Helen Dowling Instituut

Unfortunately I saw the effects of cancer and treatment for it from close range. Since 2015 I support the Helen Dowling Instituut by donating a part of my income each year. HDI offers psychological help to patients and family handling the mental effects of diagnosis and treatment.